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The New, Inclusive Way to Interact With Your Company

There are so many things to stay on top of, so we’ve created a one-stop for all your company updates.

Stay connected

With Company Page, stay connected with all that's happening in your company while working from anywhere. Company Page is all about your team, birthdays, and important milestones. Simply scan the page and get all the information you may need.


Increased Productivity

The way we work is changing. Where we once had to scramble to find information, with Company Page data is now an instant click away. With everyone and everything on one page, you won't get lost in an endless loop of documents and remain on top of your work.

Our Features

News & Updates

Serves as a central hub for all your company updates, happenings and important events.

Company Repository

Helps you easily stay on top of key information and documents relevant to your team.

Multiple Timezones

Enables streamlined communication with remote teams, scattered across the globe.

Individual Profiles

Provides a way to stay in touch with your colleagues even when you're working remotely.

Your company bulletin board, re-imagined.

Connect with Google Workspace or Gusto and get started in minutes with a company-wide rollout.

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